3/7 We gathered at the College in the morning and went on foot to the National Library. The walk was a good idea. I enjoyed to study in the National Library since I moved to Oslo, but yesterday I finally got really well aquainted with it as a multifunctional user-firendly organization, owning a rich history and clear future development plans. I considered it well planed that we got a brief but rich introduction before starting a guided tour. In this sense we were already prepared to meet the atmosphere of the library and to absorb as much information as possible. After a tour with a guide we met a former director of the Library, and he gave us an inforamtive lecture about future development plans. I also took all the printed materials he supported us with. Hope I will have enough time to read them through, as they do not only concentrate on the library and Norway, but cover the general digitalizing movement in the broader perspective as well.

4/7 We saw all the movies on the big screen, and that was a fantastic experience. I guess now i know how people feel on Cannes awards.)

I leared a lot today from discussing ways of teaching, for me that has always been an important issue, even more because I have been looking from the other side of the stream. I mean that all the time until now I’ve been a student.

I felt it important to hear personal views on teaching styles and methods. I saw my “classmates” from another perspective – which was only possible after getting to know them in this two weeks. Timing of this topic was perfect as it gave a real insight into teaching styles. I felt that it gaveme a small hint on what and how could I apply experiences of others (well, who knows? probably i am ending up as a teacher one day as well? )

Overall experience – very good timing, hence clearing picture of where I am heading to in the end.


A museum – is a physical/digital room for collecting of objects of specific interest and often historical (or other) value and presenting them to the public i a most common form of exhibitions.

A library – is a physical/digital room for giving an access to printed and recorded materials, organized and stored in a special way.

An archive – is a physical/digital room for storing and depriving information, organized in a specific pre-defined way

Yesterday we finished with setting up a storyboard for a short trigger movie.

Before that Kristin presented a trigger to us, and Lars led a discussion on what is information, knowledge and learning. According to Kristin, a trigger is initial for a movement. I guess Lars agreed that a trigger is a start for aquiring knowlegde. I thought it would be very fun to try to create one of a kind.

I never worked with a trigger, but I liked the idea of Dragomira, Sniezhana, Fang and Li of steps, library and burning books. So i joined them. We were finished with a storyboard quite soon, and I looked forward to participate in making our first trigger.

Today – 2/7 we made our shots, working productive and having lots of fun. We did not go far away and were finished with shooting already at about 11.30. Technically the shooting was easy, our team worked well together and we did not have any disagreement. Kirill helped us with editing a bit, and we are nearly finished.

Learning Blog

Yesterday was a day for starting to use the tools we got aquainted with last week. We started with Digital Stories. My group got a good space in a light office of Lars, and we started to discuss our approaches in a friendly atmosphere. Technically, Digital Stories consist of pictures, music and motion in and through the pictures, so that the result effect would create a complex experience AND transfer a certain massage. So we started by defining the message (different backgrounds gave different wording, some ideas remained unspoken due to the lack of time for concentrated reflection or difficulties with expression of thoughts) . Then we devided our main idea into sub-ideas, thus creating a flow of a massage which was supposed to  lead viewers to the common conclusion (which we actually had still vouge understanding of ourselves).  Then we divided tasks and start working. In 15 minutes we were already gathered back in the same office and collected results. Photography was exellent, so were models 🙂 Music was OK, though the only available for the time. Text was thought of on the way and we were already rushing to finish when we got to that part. That was a real pity; as text I would spend more time on, as well as putting the right emphasis and making a flow. Unfortunately, Lars had to go at 3 pm, and I had to live at 3.15. Joanna, Haitao and Yulia remained to finish the presentation and I was very greatful for their understanding of my situation.

I feel I can put here my excuse;it is an outstanding one for my life: yesterday was the first time I have led puppets in a small fairy tale in a puppet theatre for a birthday party of Laurence. He filled 6!

In the morning our presentation showed to be done: thanks to my devoted group. I enjoyed and appreciated other presentations, all of them very well done. I really got a desire to work further to know the way to combine pictures, motion and music in a natural way towards a clear idea.

When I saw the conference announcement that recent developments have
left us “in a world dramatically different from the one inhabited
by previous generations,” I couldn’t help thinking that this very
conviction serves to link our own generation with many that have
gone before.

Elizabeth L. Eisenshtien (1997)

A book is more than a verbal structure or series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue it establishes with its reader and the intonation it imposes upon his voice and the changing and durable images it leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.

Jorge Luis Borges Essay: “A Note on (toward) Bernard Shaw”